Happy To Share My HIV Story With You

I hope it will inspire you to reclaim your health ownership and freedom.

One thing always guided me to take the best decisions in life: my intuition.

Yet, the fear and rejection due to a positive HIV test, blocked my internal compass for some time.

Meanwhile, 19 years have passed. My HIV story is about how I reclaimed my health ownership and freedom, and how you can do the same.

"Above all, I always trusted my gut feeling to flow through life. It was like my internal compass."

I've always had the feeling that the right path to follow is always along with the whispers of my soul.

When I am in peace and my mind is clear.

During my earlier years, I always followed my intuition when taking decisions in life.

Above all, I trusted my gut feeling to flow through life. It was like my internal compass.

But One Day The “Bad News” Came...

And it came in 2002, when I was 18 years old.

I did an HIV test which came out positive. The way I saw it, it was very “bad news”. At least, so I thought...

At that moment, I felt my whole world collapsing. I believed that the healthy, strong and comfortable body I had was over. It felt like I had received a death sentence.

The only way I could have been “infected” was 1 year before the test, right after I turned 17.

A couple of months after the test, when I was 19 years old, the doctor insisted that I had to start taking the medication.

Otherwise, I would get sick and would die in the short term… At least, that's what I was told.

The shock of the “bad news”, broke part of my internal compass.

As a result, believing I had no other option available, I agreed to start taking the medication.

And I took it for 12 years straight...

But the most curious thing is I was perfectly healthy, before the medication. I had no sign of any disease.

The only thing I had different than before was a test which came out positive. “The Symptoms” only appeared after I started taking the medication...

As soon as I began taking the prescribed antiretrovirals, I became constantly nauseated. Also my hair started to fall off, and sometimes, when taking a shower, I could not feel the water on my limbs.

At the same time, my digestive system became bloated and my rib cage increased 10 cm in a few months. I also started to lose muscle mass in my arms, among some other uncomfortable and painful effects.

Because it all seemed very strange to me, I told the doctor what I was experiencing. The answer was it had nothing to do with the medication and the subject was quickly changed.

But now I know “the symptoms” had all to do with the antiretrovirals I was taking…

"Deep inside, I felt the medication was doing more harm than good."

And The Years Went By...

In 2014, after taking HIV drugs for 12 years straight, my whole body was bloated. It also was in pain, sluggish and heavy, and my jaw was widened and deformed.

The energy I had before was gone. And maintaining myself active required an unnatural effort I had never needed before.

Altogether, the time had come to get back my internal compass, and to start using it again.

Because deep inside, I felt the medication was doing more harm than good.

With this in mind, I started to pay closer attention to what my body and intuition were telling me.

Above all, my intuition was whispering it was time to follow a different path.

Indeed, it was time to empower myself and assume full ownership over my body, health and life.

At that moment, I started to follow my gut feeling again, and freed myself from all medication. Meanwhile, 7 years have gone by...

Back then, I thought I had a real disease, life-threatening, contagious, and which could lead to a slow and painful death.

At the same time, I was thinking I was doing something crazy. But inside myself, I knew it was the right decision. I felt I was setting myself free.

Although I believed I had a real disease, from the moment I received the “bad news”, I rejected the idea I was going to die from AIDS.

Since then, I always did the best I could to keep myself strong and healthy, in body, mind and spirit.

With this in mind, I kept working out, drank large amounts of water, ate healthy, and took a positive mindset.

"I gave my body the building blocks it needed to work at its best, and renew itself."

Drug Free For 7 Years Straight

When I gave up on the medication, the doctors told me I was going to be very ill, unless I took it.

Additionally, they told me I was going to live only a few months, one year at the most…

But the truth is I have been increasingly better.

After I decided to respect myself and follow my gut feeling, I started to research natural ways to become stronger and healthier.

And above all, I began to put my new knowledge in practice in my body and life.

I started to feed mostly from different raw fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, superfoods, mushrooms, and herbs.

All in all, I gave my body a good nutritional diet. In fact, I gave it the building blocks it needed to work at its best, and renew itself…

In a nutshell, I learned how to nourish and detox my body, empowering it for its natural health.

Because being surrounded by supporting people is essential to an empowered life, I also took an honest look at my relationships.

Any relationship should add up to your life. It should help you to feel loved, respected, deserving, free, valued and empowered. Hence, I followed that principle for myself.

I did the changes I had to. I broke with some people and connected with others, more aligned with the values I wanted to live by.

Also, I took care of my emotional well-being. With Emotional Freedom Techniques, I have changed limiting beliefs and improved my self-esteem and confidence.

In the end, I also deepened my research on HIV/AIDS and virology, learning about the hidden truth behind the official narrative.

"Only with natural solutions can you sustainably heal yourself from the inside out."

The 7 Things I Learned With My HIV Story

The best side of my HIV story is it pushed me to discover the foundations of a healthy body, and the origins of disease.

As a result, here are the 7 major things I've learned:

1. The origin of disease – Any disease is related with body toxicity.

2. The 4 origins of toxicity – Poor nutrition, poisoning, negative emotions, electromagnetic radiation.

3. The 2 steps to health freedom – Knowing the origin of disease, health can be achieved with 2 steps:

A) Identify and cut the sources of toxicity
B) Detox and nourish your body

4. Symptoms are a good thing – It's a message from your body to let you know you need to detoxify and nourish.

5. The only path to true health is through natural solutions – Synthetic drugs always add toxicity to your body. As a result, this will show up sooner or later in your life. Synthetic drugs address the symptoms, not the causes. Only with natural solutions can you sustainably heal yourself from the inside out.

6. Health freedom comes from health ownership – Only by choosing the ownership of your health, will you be able to conquer your true freedom and independence.

7. Trusting your intuition is the foundation of your health freedom – This is even more true when it’s impossible to be sure what decision to take through rational thinking. And this always happens, when reality is beyond the factual information we have by that time. In those moments, the best way to take the right decision is to clear your mind, find peace inside, and let your gut feeling guide you.

"When you free your body and mind from toxicity, you set your health and life equally free."

What Did My HIV Story Inspire Me To?

The best thing about my HIV story was to make me aware of my mission in life: to spread the knowledge of my experience to help you conquer your health freedom.

By taking action, learning to master your emotions and trusting your intuition, you will change your health and life from the inside-out.

When you free your body and mind from toxicity, you set your health and life equally free.

The bottom line is: All you have to do is to cut the sources of toxicity out, and put the good stuff in!

Now that you know more about me, I would be thrilled to also hear about your story.

Are you ready to conquer your health freedom?

With love,


Start Your Journey To Health Freedom Today

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Let me know about your story and goals, and learn how I can help you to reclaim your health freedom from the inside out.

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