The 3 Foundations Of Health

The origins of body toxicity and how to heal from the inside out.

"Every man is the builder of a temple called his body."

― Henry David Thoreau

Reality is: you cannot achieve true health by taking a drug to mask your symptoms.

Because that’s what most pharmaceutical drugs do. In fact, they turn off part of your body functions, adding up to its toxicity. In contrast, as you will see, the only way to truly heal from the inside out is to address the causes of disease.

And you will only address the causes of your body state by addressing the 3 foundations of your health.

How We Have Been Addressing Health For More Than a Century

With pharmaceutical drugs we are addressing the symptoms of disease. Because by turning off the body functions which are causing it, drugs are not addressing the root cause of your body state.

At the same time, with synthetic drugs, you are masking your illness. As a result, by not addressing the causes, you are contributing to other symptoms to appear in other areas.

This happens not only by turning off some body functions, but also from secondary effects caused by the drug itself.

In short, synthetic health solutions always add up toxicity to your body, even if they may solve a symptom in the short term.

After all, sooner or later, this added toxicity will express itself as another symptom.

With this in mind, the question we want to ask ourselves is: What’s the real cause of disease?

What Is The Origin Of Disease?

The truth is: any cause of disease can be related to toxicity in your body, as one of its necessary co-factors.

Indeed, in the majority of situations, toxicity is the main cause of an unhealthy body.

In a well nourished and detoxed body and mind, the only way to become ill is through intense poisoning.

As a result, reclaiming your body natural health involves 2 steps:

1. Identify and cut the sources of toxicity.

2. Detox and nourish body and mind.

By addressing toxicity as the root cause of your present body state, you'll be able to heal from the inside out.

Let’s now understand, where does toxicity come from.

How Does Your Body Become Toxic?

To prevent your body to fall into a disease state, the first step to improve your health is to identify your sources of toxicity.

In short, those sources can be 4:

1. Poor nutrition – The lack of nutrients induces your body to produce and accumulate its own internal toxicity.

2. Poisoning – Your body can absorb toxicity from air, water, food, drugs, medication, vaccines, among others.

3. Thoughts and emotions – Negative thoughts and emotional states like fear, stress, or guilt, induce your body to produce internal toxicity.

4. Electromagnetic radiation – Your body has its own magnetic field and works through electrical impulses. As a result, it is sensitive to all kinds of electromagnetic radiation.

After you identify your sources of toxicity, which often are more than one, the next step is to eliminate those sources from your body, mind, and environment.

But before you see how you can do it, let’s first see what are the 4 dimensions of your being.

The 4 Dimensions Of Your Being

To put in context the actions you will undertake towards your healing process, it's important to be aware of the 4 dimensions of your being:

  • Physical — Your physical dimension is your body and your interaction with the material world.
  • Emotional — The emotional dimension is part of your subconscious mind. In essence, it’s what connects your mental and physical dimensions. Because emotions are stored in your body and also influence your mental responses to stimuli.
  • Mental — Your mental dimension is your conscious mind. It includes your conscious thoughts and feelings that interact with each other. In particular, it allows you to gather knowledge and create based on it.
  • Spiritual — Your spiritual dimension is your connection with infinite intelligence. Developing your spiritual side helps you find a deeper meaning and purpose in life. As a result, it helps you to take better intuition based decisions.

Based on these 4 dimensions of your being, there are 3 health foundations on which you can act to reclaim your health ownership and freedom.

What Are The 3 Foundations Of Your Health?

Here are the 3 health foundations on which you will act to achieve your goals:

  • Body & Nutrition — This area takes care of your physical dimension. By identifying and cutting toxicity from your life, you will boost your natural health. You will achieve it by changing your lifestyle and nutritional habits.
  • Mind & Emotions — Both are interrelated through your conscious and subconscious minds. With EFT, you will change your limiting beliefs and conquer your emotional freedom. You will create new mind setting habits, and transform from the inside-out to make your true self shine.
  • Energy & Intuition — This field of knowledge covers your spiritual dimension. By opening yourself to trust in your gut feeling, you will connect with infinite intelligence. This will allow you to take decisions from within, aligned with your heart, for your health and life.

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