Energy & Intuition

Learn how to trust in yourself and take decisions from within.

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.”

― Shakti Gawain

Align Your Energy

What if you could be in a state of feeling your body signs before they escalate?

By learning how to sense and align your energy and intuition, you will gain a renewed body awareness.

As a result, you will also regain your trust in your gut feeling. Let’s see how you can develop such skills.

To align your energy is also about balancing your body state in a way that improves your intuition.

As a result, it increases your ability to use your gut feeling to take decisions in your life.

Indeed, learning how to sense and align your energy will allow you to take effective intuition based decisions in life.

Let's then start by clarifying the meaning of body energy.

What Is Body Energy and Its Impact On Your Health?

The 4 Different Forms Of Energy You Can Have

Everything in our world is energy. Including your body...

Because your body is made of systems, those systems are made of organs, your organs are made of cells, and cells are made of atoms.

Altogether, if you look even deeper, you realize the atoms in your body are made of energy. Because reality is: you are energy.

All in all, energy exists in different forms, including in your body:

  • You have potential energy in your muscles.
  • Your muscles produce kinetic energy.
  • All your cells are in some way factories of chemical energy, transforming everything you eat, drink and absorb.
  • Your body as a whole is an electromagnetic energy system. Your brain and body connect and work through electrical impulses.

Due to its own electromagnetic field, your body is sensitive to other fields. As a result, it's influenced by, and can influence other people, materials and equipment.

The Link Between Your Energy and Your Health

Your energy field expresses itself through your emotions.

Because it’s through emotions your body communicates to your brain:

  • First, your emotions are your subconscious responses to stimuli.
  • At the same time, your energetic state depends on the energy accumulated in your body, and will influence those responses.
  • Furthermore, your accumulated energy depends on your past life experiences, and how you have responded to them.
  • As much as your present energetic state is a product of your past responses, your present responses will determine your future state.

In other words, what you are now is a consequence of your past choices, and what you will be is a product of your present choices.

The same is to say, the attitude you choose to have now will influence your future energy, health and life.

Altogether, your choice in keeping your energy aligned impacts your whole life and health.

"Aligning your energy will help you to master your emotions and intuition to take better decisions in life."

What Is The Energy Alignment Of Your Body?

Aligning your energy is the skill of putting your body energies in balance.

In other words, it's the ability to be calm, in peace and feel safe, even in uncertain situations.

Thus, by aligning your energy you will be more self-aware, and have a clearer mind.

As a result, this will allow you to produce better responses to stimuli.

In return, your better responses will produce more positive emotional states.

As a consequence, you will influence your environment back with your positive energy.

Due to your positive influence your environment will give you a positive feedback.

Altogether, a focus on energy alignment, enables you to take better decisions in life.

In particular, it will help you to take better decisions about your health.

At the same time, achieving energy alignment will help your body to detox and regenerate.

To sense your energy, you will learn how to scan the information your subconscious mind receives from your body.

Moreover, you will be able to put it to use through your conscious mind.

Because conscious and aligned action is what gives you power over your life and health.

"You have the innate ability to sense your body energy, by paying attention and listening to your body."

How Can You Sense Energy?

How To Sense Your Own Body Energy?

Each type of emotion has a certain energy vibration. Sometimes you can even feel it in your body.

But you may ask: “What's a vibration?”

In physics, a vibration is defined as an expression of energy in the form of a wave, with a certain length and frequency.

In particular, a body vibration is an expression of energy you have in your body.

Furthermore, each part of your body has its own vibration, communicating with your brain, through emotions.

Thus, learning to sense your body energy is all about learning to sense your body vibration.

Because you have the innate ability to sense your body energy, by paying attention and listening to your body.

In brief, a vibration is a form in which you sense energy, and gain the consciousness which empowers you to act.

How Your Body Energy Can Influence Your Health?

In an advanced stage, your body vibrations can develop into a physical manifestation in your body.

Indeed, this physical stage occurs when your energy misalignment prevents you from being aware of your body signals for too long.

As a result, you accumulate negative energies inside your body, which will develop into a disease state.

Yet, it’s in your power to sense a negative energy in your body.

As a result, by becoming aware of it, you can also act on it, through your personal transformation, by changing your responses to stimuli.

How Can You Sense The Energy All Around You?

You also have the ability to sense the vibrational energy that surrounds you.

Have you ever noticed how you sharpen your other senses, when you close your eyes or are in the dark? Have you noticed you can feel when you are getting closer to someone?

In fact, by gaining the habit to focus your attention and perception in similar situations, you can develop your energetic awareness and sensitivity.

"Energy is about feeling. Intuition is about knowing."

How Can You Align Your Energy?

The more you improve your energy sensing skills, the more you will increase your body self-awareness.

Because your body influences your mind state through your emotions. But your own power resides in your ability to influence your body back.

For example, meditation, exercise, walking in nature or petting an animal are all forms of calming yourself, and be more aligned.

Yet, a more focused and systematic method of energy alignment is visualization.

This technique consists in visualizing and feeling the specific outcome or state you desire. As a result of such a habit, your subconscious mind becomes used to the reality you are projecting.

Furthermore, it will induce a subconscious positive belief, putting the placebo effect into action.

All in all, you align your energy by practicing your sensitivity, and inducing peaceful emotional states.

The Hidden Power Of Energy Alignment

A more aligned body energy will also give you a more effective access to your intuitive power.

But what is intuition, and what can you do with it?

That’s the subject we will cover next.

"The primary wisdom is intuition."

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Follow Your Intuition

Have you ever wished to access what isn’t available to you through your rational mind?

The good news is you have that innate ability, through your intuition, as a way of knowing.

The only thing you need to start taking decisions from within, is to get back the trust in yourself.

Your intuition is the feeling of knowing deep inside what's the best decision to take.

The only thing you have to do to access infinite intelligence is to follow your inner voice…

Because, intuition is a knowing and knowledge that comes from within.

As an illustration, your intuition guides you like an internal and personal compass. Because it comes from your deep connection with infinite intelligence.

You can use your intuition to make simple decisions. For example, if you should buy something now or wait for a better opportunity.

Yet, its real power shows up when taking important decisions in your life.

In truth, every decision is intuition based. Whether you are conscious of it, or not…

Being aware of its existence and power, is what allows you to be your true self and feel the master of your life.

Indeed, the more aligned your body energy is, the more in peace you become. As a result, you allow yourself to a better access to your intuition.

At the same time, the more you improve your intuition skills, the better decisions you take, and the more in peace you become.

Altogether, being intuition conscious and aware of its role in life, helps you to move forward with your decisions.

In essence, intuition is the most powerful tool to take decisions in all areas of your life.

In particular, when they are harder to make…

All in all, intuition is the key tool to reclaim your health ownership and freedom.

"Following your intuition is the only way you will be truly respecting yourself."

How To Connect To Intuition?

The Different Ways Intuition Can Speak To You

Your intuition is better available when you are calm and relaxed.

The same is to say, your intuition flows in the absence of judgment and expectations.

Those are the moments you are not even thinking about what you want to solve, and the solution pops up in your mind. A solution you know deep inside to be the right one.

Also, intuition can come in the form of words, or when you see a picture in your mind. Even more so, when the same words or image keep coming over and over again…

Moreover, it can come as an emotion or body sensation. For example, when you get goosebumps or have that gut feeling…

In essence, if you want to follow your unique path in life, allowing yourself to follow your intuition, is about respecting yourself.

Because on a subconscious level, it's the only way you will allow yourself to deserve your goals and dreams to manifest in your life.

In particular, when what you hear from others goes against your intuition, decisions, or actions.

Specifically in those situations, it's even more crucial to remember that you are the only one who knows what is best for you.

For your life and for your health…

Above all, paying close attention to your intuition, is a source of conviction and assurance when you want to be truthful to yourself. And even more when what you want to do is different from the norm.

Because in the end, you are the only one who lives in your physical shoes.

How To Connect With Infinite Intelligence?

Take the time to be quiet and in silence with yourself. Also, pay attention to what you sense in your body.

As a result, you will gain a renewed self-awareness and increased connection with a greater source of guidance: the infinite intelligence available to us all.

Put another way, when you take time to connect and listen to your voice within, you will be a receptor of that greater intelligence.

Because in essence, that's what following your energy and intuition is all about.

It's like a Force you have inside you.

In truth, it all comes down to what we learned from Yoda:

“Through The Force, things you will see. Other places. The future, the past. Old friends long gone.”

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