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How Will Be Your Coaching Experience?

To empower you to reach your health goals, you will benefit from private and tailored coaching video sessions.

In this coaching program, I will support your focused daily action to reach the health results you want.

With This Coaching Program You Will Transform Yourself In The 3 Foundations Of Health:

Body & Nutrition

Mind & Emotions

Energy & Intuition

I will guide you to:

1. Learn how to strengthen your body from the inside-out.
2. Explore the power of natural health solutions to detox and nourish your body.
3. Overcome your fears, toxic relationships, and disease stigma, with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and by giving voice to your emotions.
4. Change your limiting beliefs, by reprogramming your mind through EFT and the power of habits.
5. Find peace and calmness, by aligning your energy.
6. Open yourself to new opportunities, actions and solutions, by learning how to take intuition based decisions.

With My guidance You Will Feel Empowered To:

1. Reclaim your health freedom.
2. Free yourself from fears and doubts.
3. Learn to trust in your intuition.

You will also benefit from:

1. A step-by-step action plan for your transformation.
2. Practical tools and health techniques.
3. Knowledge and experience from someone who has been through the same process.
4. Help and support to overcome your challenges.

After each session you will receive:

1. An email with your session summary.
2. A detailed action plan.
3. Material to guide you and inspire you.

I will be there to support you between sessions

You’ll be able to contact me by email to:

  • Ask questions and clarify any doubt.
  • Share your achievements and feedback.

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