I'm Joana.

Natural health coach with holistic approach, intuitive EFT practitioner, and dedicated to empower you to own your health freedom.

What I Do

Whether you are looking for a natural solution to your body condition, or to conquer full ownership of your health, my mission is to help you reclaim your health freedom.

By sharing my experience, along with practical and clear information, my goal is to inspire you to a holistic approach to health.

By acknowledging the truth about the root cause of disease, and your body's natural power to renew, I'm here to help you achieve your freedom in health and life.

I will guide you to:

Along your journey, you will embrace natural ways of cleansing, caring and nourishing your body, mind, and soul. At the same time, you will be nurturing, loving and respecting yourself.

In a nutshell, you will empower your being to conquer full ownership of your health and life.

I'm here to support your personal transformation, towards your health freedom.

Where We're Going

At From HIV To Health, we envision a world where every person has true freedom of decision over their bodies, and where health freedom is a foundational value.

We want to empower people to full ownership of their health, by acknowledging their bodies wisdom to renew from the inside out.

Our goal is to support open-minded people to break free from a culture of dependence and victimization.

With this in mind, we help you conquer your true independence and power over your health and life.

Why We Do It

Our purpose is to share with the world the power of natural solutions, ownership and intuition, for personal transformation and health freedom.

By acknowledging natural and holistic solutions as the only path to sustainable health and quality of life, we want to raise awareness about the foundations of true healing.

Start Your Journey To Health Freedom Today

Do you want to gain full ownership of your health with natural solutions? Would you like to overcome the emotional burden of your disease? Are you willing to tune into your innate intuition and connect with infinite intelligence?

Let me know about your story and goals, and learn how I can help you to reclaim your health freedom from the inside out.

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